Why make a donation to end FIP?

A personal note from Maria S. Bonino

Since first discovered in the 1960s, Feline Infectious Peritonitis is one of the most studied feline diseases and yet, it remains one of the most poorly understood viral diseases of the cat. Much progress has been made since those early days and encouraging new treatments have surfaced in recent years but there’s much work to be done in the fields of feline coronavirus and FIP.

In October 2018, the American Alumni of Glasgow University announced the creation of the Luca Fund for FIP Research. The fund was named after Luca, my fourteen-month-old Russian Blue cat who lost his battle to dry FIP on 5 October 2013. The Luca Fund was established to offer an alternative tax advantage option to individuals who believe that FIP research can be successful without the use of laboratory cats, and unconditionally oppose to any research that leads to the loss of life through intentional infection and unnecessary and painful experimentation. I chose the University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine for its remarkable contributions and unparalleled worldwide reputation in the field of feline viral diseases.

As the founder of the Luca Fund for FIP Research, and on behalf of everyone involved with it, I’d like to sincerely express our deepest appreciation for your continued support. Also, I take this opportunity to share a few words by Professor Willie Weir – Academic Head of Infectious Disease at the University of Glasgow Veterinary Diagnostic Services.

“True giving from the heart is an expression of love”

Cara Stein


Please consider making a monthly donation of $15 or more to the Luca Fund for FIP.

Things we do in life often have measurable results, but the extent of their impact is often difficult to quantify. I am forever grateful to the amazing group of people both in the USA and in Glasgow, who not only understood my concerns, embraced my idea and helped make my dream a reality but also now, work diligently as a team towards the continued development of Luca’s legacy. The latter has had an impact on me far beyond the obvious and tangible.

The Luca Fund for FIP Research pledges to never sponsor any study, research or clinical trial that involves, directly or indirectly, the experimental infection of healthy cats and the use of laboratory cats. We provide the absolute guarantee that your donation will not end up furthering the suffering and death of innocent and helpless animals.

The miracle of scientific discovery happens when the time, talent, focus, and necessary resources come together with the help and demonstrated support of our most dedicated donors. Your dedication continues to play an integral part in our ability to fund ethical and humane FIP research. Your generosity is critical to this process, and we are appreciative of your encouragement and belief in our work.

Thank you again for your enduring support,

Maria S. Bonino
Luca Fund for FIP Research

About the Luca Fund for FIP Research:
The Luca Fund for FIP Research is part of the global vision of the EndFIP® project. Your donation to the Luca Fund will be applied to studies conducted at the University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine. The Luca Fund for FIP research is a special fund of the American Alumni of the University of Glasgow established in 2018 to accept tax-deductible donations for Feline Infectious Peritonitis research. AAGU has been recognized by the IRS as a section 501(c) (3) charitable organization. All donations to AAGU are deductible as charitable contributions to the full extent permitted by law.